Body Transformation System

Is a person specific system that will help transform your body with nutrition, exercise with jump rope and supplementation. Finding the specific reason for the weight gain, altering the system such as thyroid disorder, insulin resistance, endocrinology imbalance, and more, rather than treating symptoms as most weight loss programs do. This system will educate you and empower you to turn your life around, while making changes from the inside out.

What is the Body Transformation System?

A system tailored and designed specifically for each individual. First, by finding out what caused the weight gain and the body to rebel. Second, by changing the information the body is use to receiving, and finally, by executing the specific plan. The body will transform and changes will take place within, creating a leaner more efficient mechanism that will keep you happy and fit for years to come.

How does the body transformation system work?

The program is client specific. Depending on the areas or systems that have created the weight gain, would depend on the plan created. Whether a person has poor thyroid production, insulin resistance, to much cortisol output, adrenal failure, over training syndrome, lacking nutrients in their meal plan, or a stale routine, whatever the situation may be, we would pinpoint it and resolve it. Their are no two individuals alike, therefore, no two programs are the same. Cookie cutter routine and one size fits all is not our method.

Body transformation system outline:

1) Evaluate the client for specifics (fat %, measurements, medical history, orthopedic and neurological findings, blood sugar , thyroid, strength and endurance).

2) From our findings, a nutritional plan is created along with exercise specifics.

3) Weekly weigh ins to chart progress and see if changes are needed.

4) Client is recommended to at least come to our studio once a week for one on one training and to make sure he or she is following the proper techniques.

Methods used:

  • Free weights
  • Machines
  • Bands
  • Isometrics
  • Stretch
  • Breathing techniques
  • Psycho social methods
  • Spiritual connections
  • Visualization techniques
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Supplementation

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